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Premier Canadian Trophy Hunting

Saskatchewan, Canada is rated by many experts as the “number one spot” in the world to harvest record setting trophy white-tailed deer, and with the location also providing world class black bears, the journey and experience are unmatched!


Great Grey Outfitters’ goal is to provide hunters with an outstanding experience from the very first day. Team GGO emphasizes quality game management culminating in a world class operation. Our 1200 square mile hunting area of private land and provincial boreal forests are bordered by fringe farmland, an area which naturally funnels game. The key to our success – harvesting of adult bucks scoring under 150 Boone & Crocket points is prohibited! Due to our prime deer habitat, remarkable game genetic characteristics, feeding program, continuous monitoring and predator management, our Deer Management Program has successfully been producing world class bucks for the last 25 years.




We have an outfitting area with access to the Saskatchewan wilderness, on agricultural land and have exclusive access to private farmland that provides natural game funnels and a stunning backdrop for your adventure. This Canadian province is rated by many experts as the “number one spot” in the world for trophy whitetail deer hunts and boasts the highest representative population of black bear in the world. From the moment you set foot on this land until you depart at week’s end you will be overwhelmed by the experience and planning your return trip.


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